Why Short Lets?

In Favour of Short Lets

  • Significantly Higher Yield On Your Property

    Consider a property that normally rents under a short-hold tenancy agreement for £1700.

    This property, could achieve a rate of £170 to £220 per night!

    Assuming, the lowest rate of £170 per night, you would achieve your normal monthly rental if your property was let on airbnb for just 10 nights!

    The council tax, cleaning and utility bills will be yours to pay and may cost another 3 nights worth of rentals.
    So, rentals over and above 13 nights a month is simply extra yield.

  • Better Supervision Of Your Property

    If you decide to do a "refresh" for guests staying at your property for longer than a week, we will inspect your property, take inventory, clean your property and make any necessary repairs at least on a weekly basis.

    If you have a minimum stay policy, say 3 nights and a guest books for a 3 night stay, your property will be checked and attended to when we prepare the property for the next guest. 

    You will never find yourself in a situation where a bad tenant has left a leaking water pipe unattended for months or willfully or negligently allowed your property to deteriorate over a period of weeks or months. Many landlords who rent their properties under a short hold tenancy agreement have their property returned to them in a less than satisfactory condition - simply, tenants don't generally look after your property because it is not theirs.

    In our experience, people booking through platforms like AirBnB and Booking .com are generally more respectful towards your property; perhaps for 2 reasons: some platforms allow you to review a guest and secondly, some platforms take a damage deposit from the guest. Additionally, platforms like AirBnb offer complimentary damage cover to owners listing their properties on their platform.

    Additionally, holiday-let insurance typically covers damage to your property by staying guests.

    We honestly believe your property will be better preserved under an AirBnb type let compared to a short-hold tenancy agreement.

  • Use Your Own Property When You Have Need Of It

    You have the freedom to block out dates in your property's letting calendar, so can choose when you have personal use of the property.

    Your holiday let insurance should permit you to stay at the property along with any other guest, so you have maximum flexibility. 

In Favour of Traditional Letting

  • Greater stability In Rental Payments

    Of course, a short-hold tenancy agreement requires the tenant to pay the rent every month, assuming of course the tenant doesn't default on payments.

    A problem tenant (e.g. one who doesn't pay the rent when due) may require eviction which takes time and may cost in legal fees.

There are no other benefits we could think of!!

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